Sunday, 20 January 2013

Objects in Motion

Objects in Motion is a short story that takes place at the same time as Broken hero Part1. It shows a different angle to the events that take place in the main story, and is focused mainly on some of the lesser characters that don’t have much screen time.
It’s a short read, so I have made it free.

Download from Smashwords

Download from Amazon
Amazon still has it for $0.99 but should update to free soon.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Broken Hero Part 1, Now on Amazon

Serial Science Fiction Novel

The first part of my Sci Fi serial Broken Hero has been up for about a week now. As expected the attention has been low, but pleasantly positive.  Although it would be nice, I’m not expecting too much to happen until I have three or four books out on Amazon.

The next story will be a free short book about some of the background characters, (without giving too much away), they appear near the end of the first Book.

Then released shortly after that will be book 2 of the main story.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Why I chose to serialise my Science Fiction novel

It took me a long time to finally decide on serialising my Sci Fi story. I started writing it as a single novel, then changed to shorter serialised stories then back to a full novel. Before finally deciding on the serial format. Part of the reason, especially early on was so that I could get something out there for people to read. Being a new author I wasn’t sure if anyone would read my work, so the last thing that I wanted to do was spend two years writing a novel then discover no one likes it, and that I just wasted all that time.

So once I finally decided to make it a serial, I wanted to do something slightly different than just the one story cut into short pieces. I had the world that I created, the main characters and the minor characters. It seemed like a waste to have created all the extra characters and not use them once there time in the main story was up. Some of them will appear in the main story from time to time between doing their own thing. By setting the story out in the serialised form I can then follow these characters through their story when it doesn’t affect the main story.

I know that this can be done, and often is done in normal novels, but eventually it’s going to get very crowded if there are several main story lines all happening at once in the same book. George R R Martin might be able to pull it off, that doesn’t mean everyone can. So by keeping them separate, for most of the time. The reader can just stick to the main story if they want or follow some or all of the side stories.

At this stage I plan on keeping the side stories free and only charging for the main storyline. They will most likely be shorter than the main story and I don’t want them to get in the way and take up to much time.